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Did you know that explainer videos offer a host of fantastic benefits?

They can supercharge engagement, boost your search engine optimization efforts, and make your brand truly stand out from the crowd. Here are some quick facts:

  • Explainer videos can skyrocket conversions by up to 80%.
  • A whopping 90% of customers claim that videos play a significant role in their purchasing decisions.
  • And that’s just the beginning…

At 90way, we’re a dedicated team of experienced designers, animators, and writers who’ve been crafting top-notch explainer videos for years. We’ve got the know-how to make your videos POP!

Let’s have a chat and explore how we can help you elevate your brand with a video that’s as unique as you are. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity:

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Script writing

Imagine a world where your marketing videos are so gripping, you’ll have people stopping mid-scroll and hitting play.” – “With our script-writing skills, your explainer videos will be a one-way ticket to engagement town.” – “Say goodbye to boring, vanilla videos and hello to content that pops like a firecracker!” – “We’ll craft a script so engaging, it’ll have viewers hooked like a fish on a line.”


Once the script is locked and loaded

We dive into the depths of visual storytelling with a storyboard that’s as detailed as a treasure map. It’s a graphic roadmap to video success, complete with characters, and props.

With a storyboard like this, your video is destined for greatness!

Voice Over

Now, we’re ready to lay down some vocal magic!

Our voiceovers are the Beyoncé of audio – powerful, dynamic, and captivating.” – “Your videos will be sounding better than an orchestra at Carnegie Hall with our top-notch voiceover.” – “Our voiceovers are so clear and crisp, you’ll think you’re listening to a podcast in a soundproof booth.” – “You’ll be slaying the competition with a voiceover that’s smoother than a Barry White song

Explainer Video

the main event! Making the explainer video is where all the pieces come together to create a visual masterpiece. Here’s what happens during this phase:
– We bring the storyboard to life with stunning animation and graphics.
– We overlay the voiceover to create a seamless and polished final product.
– We add music to enhance the overall feel and atmosphere of the video.
– We apply any necessary color correction, adjustments, and effects to make everything pop.
It’s like a video editing wizardry session up in here!

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