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Explainer videos are an effective way to engage your audience and help them understand your product or service. Plus, they’re shareable, memorable, and can boost your search engine rankings. Not to mention, they can increase conversion rates and help you stand out from the competition.”

At 90way, we’re a dedicated team of experienced designers, animators, and writers who’ve been crafting top-notch explainer videos for years. We’ve got the know-how to make your videos POP!

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From Pen to Pixel

90way Journey to Explainer Video

1- Script writing

Imagine a world where your marketing videos are so gripping, you’ll have people stopping mid-scroll and hitting play.” – “With our script-writing skills, your explainer videos will be a one-way ticket to engagement town.” – “Say goodbye to boring, vanilla videos and hello to content that pops like a firecracker!” – “We’ll craft a script so engaging, it’ll have viewers hooked like a fish on a line.”

2- StoryBoard

Once the script is locked and loaded

We dive into the depths of visual storytelling with a storyboard that’s as detailed as a treasure map. It’s a graphic roadmap to video success, complete with characters, and props.

With a storyboard like this, your video is destined for greatness!

3- Voice Over

Now, we’re ready to lay down some vocal magic!

Our voiceovers are the Beyoncé of audio – powerful, dynamic, and captivating.” – “Your videos will be sounding better than an orchestra at Carnegie Hall with our top-notch voiceover.” – “Our voiceovers are so clear and crisp, you’ll think you’re listening to a podcast in a soundproof booth.” – “You’ll be slaying the competition with a voiceover that’s smoother than a Barry White song

4- Explainer Video

the main event! Making the explainer video is where all the pieces come together to create a visual masterpiece. Here’s what happens during this phase:
– We bring the storyboard to life with stunning animation and graphics.
– We overlay the voiceover to create a seamless and polished final product.
– We add music to enhance the overall feel and atmosphere of the video.
– We apply any necessary color correction, adjustments, and effects to make everything pop.
It’s like a video editing wizardry session up in here!

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